Rachel Meade Smith

Rachel Meade Smith is an editor, learner, and twin based in Brooklyn, NY. A current work-in-progress is her recently-adopted rescue dog: “He doesn’t even have a name yet. He’s a scruffy terrier and it seems I may have already taught him to walk next to me on the leash. So far all I know about him is he likes hot dogs and has fleas. Hopefully he’ll be my best friend soon!”

Rachel’s childhood home was “a life-sized doll house that always scared me a bit (too much space for intruders to hide; too far from my bedroom to the front door in case of a fire), but had lots of secret hiding places that made it magical (bricks that lifted out of the fireplace, great for storing special paper scraps; a secret staircase behind the kitchen, a barn filled with old doors).”
The weather she most enjoys is when it’s warm enough to take a long walk in the park in a t-shirt without sweating.
Her secret talent is opening bottle caps with her teeth.

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