Olivia Bradley-Skill

Olivia Bradley-Skill is a radio DJ, sound designer, and homebody based in Jersey City, NJ. She’s currently working on a 22-hour broadcast (!!) for Radio Art Zone based on recordings of her commute. She’s also learning how to crochet. She made a bucket hat (it’s kinda cute, kinda lopsided). Trying to make a sweater.

Even though Olivia left California at 18, “I’d probably still say California is my favorite state. I grew up in Los Angeles and commuted a lot between my parents’ separate homes. I have a lot of memories driving, staring out the window and listening to music. The freeways bring on a lot of nostalgia.”
Her first memory of the internet was in 2nd grade: “I did a project on butterflies, and I used our new computer to help me research. I distinctly remember the loud noises of starting up AOL and using Google for the first time and getting so excited/intrigued/perplexed by the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button.”
Her favorite board game is Wingspan: “My boyfriend Matt just bought this game Wingspan, and we literally played it all night last night. It was kind of expensive — $60 (which I guess isn’t actually that expensive in the fancy board game world?) but it’s worth it! It’s so well made and really fun.”

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