Oliver Haug

Oliver Haug is a creature, homebody, and printmaker based in Berkeley, CA (unceded Lisjan Ohlone land). They’re currently working on their indoor garden — they inherited many plants from their roommate when she left and have been locked in a desperate struggle with various forms of insects who continue to torment them and their poor plants.

Oliver is Californian so naturally their favorite weather is rain: “Because it is so rare here (especially now — the way our seasons have changed is something I’ve tangibly noticed over the course of my relatively short lifetime, and I miss the rains of my childhood), I have always considered it a precious gift. I love to go for walks when it rains; it’s also the only thing that can make me pause my constant stream of music — I need to hear it!”
Their most prized possession is their collection of mismatched earrings — some of which they purchased themself, some of which were gifted to them, some of which they inherited from their gay father, and at least two of which simply appeared in their backpack in high school. Highlights include: multiple kinds of dinosaurs, a tiny banana, and a full-size fishing lure.
For a while, they’ve wanted to learn to skateboard: “I started trying to teach myself earlier in the pandemic, but didn’t get very far and fell out of the habit after I briefly injured my foot. But I want to try again! I’m trying to get better at being bad at things.”

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