most of what i know

i’m 24 and this is most of what i know

– buy yourself flowers

– don’t avoid talking about things you don’t know about. don’t be afraid to sound dumb

– write (or type it into your iPhone notes) everything down — thoughts, ideas, heard things, words you want to start using, things you want to learn about, grocery lists, goals — everything. don’t be embarrassed to say “Hold on, I gotta write that down”

– tell people you appreciate them, they’ll appreciate it

– go for a drive/ bike ride/ walk — focus only on what you’re seeing/ smelling/ feeling/ etc, nothing else

– call off from work (but don’t make it a habit !!) — experiences and well-being are sometimes more important

– record the process of things

– find and connect with people who are amazed by the same things you are

– find and connect with people who are amazed by different things you are

– share secrets with strangers/ people you’ve just met

– as corny as it sounds, put yourself in other people’s shoes

– close that window with 27 tabs open

– collect things

– embrace technology/ social media, even though it might suck and make you feel bad. you can MAKE it not suck and NOT make you feel bad

– run as fast as you can then immediately lay in the grass

– tell people how you feel. be open with your thoughts and feelings

– sit in a coffeeshop by yourself and listen to people’s conversations

– ask questions. be eager to learn. knowing more than you knew before feels so good.

– know your limit (work, projects, drinking/ drugs, emotions, relationships). it’s okay to be selfish and treat yourself well

– don’t feel bad about not being as good/ successful (whatever that means) as other people. there’s still time

– understand that sometimes people are going through things — their actions towards you are sometimes more reflective of that and have nothing to do with your worth or you !

– lend somebody a book and never get it back. buy that book again and reread it to underline the parts you underlined before

– learn from mistakes. own up to them and improve

– sometimes you just can’t describe what you experience. go with your initial reaction. if the ocean looks “so blue!” then describe it as “so blue!” (shoutout Durga Chew-Bose)

– pay attention to your actions and how things make you truly feel, then act accordingly

– experience, experience, experience, even if it’s sometimes bad

– print this out and make it a living object

– remember that everyone is just a Person

suggested readings/viewings:

Pina (2011)
The Collected Stories of Lydia Davis, Lydia Davis (2009)
Sometimes Making Something Leads to Nothing, Francis Alÿs (Mexico City, 1997)
Diagrammatic Writing, Johanna Drucker (2013)
Too Much and Not the Mood, Durga Chew-Bose (2017)
Cutaways, Taryn Simon (2012)

a syllabus by Diego Rodriguez