Magali Duzant

Magali Duzant is an artist, writer, and reader based in New York, NY and Zürich, Switzerland. She’s working on a book that attempts to trace the history of light conceptually, poetically, linguistically…it is in a sprawling, unwieldy stage at the moment which she likes quite a bit.

Magali grew up in a small apartment in Queens, NY. It is an older building with steam heat. Once it got cold and the heat came on you could walk around in a bathing suit if you wanted to. She would open the windows up with a view over a half block stand of trees to cool it down.
A song that gets stuck in her head is The Adams Family theme song. A few years ago, she stumbled upon a contemporary art center that was hosting concerts in the evenings. The last song that a saxophone duo played was the Adams Family theme song and the crowd went wild for it.
The last book she recommended was The Memory Police by Yoko Ogawa which she couldn’t put down.

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