Lindsey Lee Eichenberger

Lindsey Lee Eichenberger is an educator, zine-maker, and auntie based in Los Angeles, CA. She’s currently working on her single-subject Social Studies credential.

Her first memory of the internet is group-catfishing people in AOL chat rooms with her friends after school. They were really obviously catfish so their scams never lasted long. They also somehow managed to pull this off in her friend’s living room where the family computer was, and were never caught.
One half of her family is from Oklahoma, and they have very long and deep roots there: “I grew up visiting during summers and we have a family reunion every year that has been going for over a hundred years. As someone who was born and raised in L.A., OK has a very different vibe that was always exciting, and as an amateur historian, I love hearing about our family history in these small towns. Seeing where this person’s house used to be, where that person’s juke joint used to be. I love it.”
A film that reminds her of her childhood is Tommy Boy. Lindsey grew up watching this movie with her dad and, for better or for worse, it has deeply shaped her humor as an adult.

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