Homie House Press

Adriana Monsalve is a mermaid and dog-whisperer based in Memphis, TN. Caterina Ragg is a nostalgic and sticker-collector based in Milano, Italy. Together, they are Homie House Press.

Adriana is currently growing out her hair in hopes of having a curly wolf cut done by PonyTrick. Caterina is trying to perfect a focaccia recipe by Tomi Makanjuola, a.k.a. The Vegan Nigerian. The focaccia has vegan cheese, garlic, and platano. Homie House Press is in the beginning stages of gathering anti-nationalist evidence, thought, and practice for the HHP newspaper, Even The Score, vol iv, Anti-nationalism.

Their last meal would be Dan Dan noodles and boba tea.
Their response to the question ‘fuck, marry, kill?’ is: Cynthia Cervantes, Laurence Philomene, and Steve McCurry, respectively.
A place they want to return to is Colombia.

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