Claire Davidson

Claire Davidson is a film critic, essayist, and occasional fiction writer based in rural Georgia. She’s currently writing a short story (that could possibly turn into a novella) about a young woman who accompanies her friend on a film set, only to find that the experience is nothing like either of them anticipated.

Claire’s first memory of the internet is “logging onto a game website on an almost daily basis in first grade, as a reward in my computer lab class after I completed all of my assignments. I’m an only child, so I returned to those types of websites frequently as a child to pass the time.”
She had a supernatural experience leading up to her high school graduation, when she “experienced a myriad of minor coincidences at least once a week. The most evident example of this phenomenon was the morning I woke up with “Across the Universe” stuck in my head, only to see a girl in my math class wearing a shirt with the lyrics to the song not two hours after getting out of bed.”
A skill she’d like to learn is how to play piano and/or guitar.

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