Chloe Williams

Chloe Williams is an optimist, daydreamer, and essayist based in New York, NY. A current work-in-progress: “Imagine if your heart was a house and you sat and wrote down every trinket and detail inside of it. That is what my first book is like.”

Chloe’s childhood home is freezing cold. “My grandmother once said we had to put our butter in the fridge to soften it in winter. It’s very airy though, nature is always finding its way in. Ivy growing along the outside, crisp sunlight, and the windows are always open.”
A film that reminds her of childhood is Big Fish (Tim Burton, 2003); many of her family members have a sort of mythical quality about themselves.
Chloe’s fuck, marry, kill: “fuck Jude Law in The Holiday (I’m young enough still that commitment issues = the best sex); marry Jude Law in Grand Budapest Hotel (writer like me! mustache, doesn’t talk a lot); kill Jude Law in The Talented Mr. Ripley (he’s already dead and he reminds me of my ex in that one).”

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