Celia Mattison

Celia Mattison is a writer, reader, and marine enthusiast based in Brooklyn, NY. She’s currently working on a newsletter issue about New England women on screen.

The last book Celia recommended was Helen DeWitt’s The English Understand Wool, which is probably going to be her favorite book of the year. It’s a sublime little slice of a book to be read in one sitting and reread immediately after. It’s kind of an anti-? meta-? scam culture/trauma novel about a self-assured and very extravagant young woman navigating an unexpected media frenzy.
Her secret talent is making crosswords: “I am not very good at crosswords but I do enjoy making them. At some point I’d like to incorporate them more into my writing.”
She is a big fan of the bike multi-tool. It’s very satisfying to have something that can solve so many problems in such a small package.

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