Bettina Makalintal

Bettina Makalintal is a writer, cook, and eater based in Brooklyn, NY. At the moment, there’s a bag of vegetable scraps in her freezer that’s going to make a great broth — full of leeks and carrots and celery — as soon as she empties out enough containers to store it.

Bettina’s first memory of the internet is starting fights on Neopets forums in defense of Good Charlotte and getting her account frozen as a result.
The weather she most enjoys is 65 degrees, sunny and crisp with a little breeze, sweater-and-shorts weather, cool enough to go for a long walk without getting sweaty.
Her secret talent is that she’s very good at spelling — she even went to the National Spelling Bee for it — but nobody knows because everything has spell check now!

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