Autumn Fourkiller

Autumn Fourkiller is a writer, artful Native complainer, and cowboy in spirit based in Rural Oklahoma / The Cherokee Nation Reservation. She’s currently working on a novel about “ghosts,” Indigenous and otherwise.

Autumn’s first memory of the internet is Millsberry! “It was 100% a marketing tool but paved the way for my love of games where you can decorate your house and accumulate useless hairstyles/items/clothing options. I play games like this like they are my only escape in an otherwise sheltered life, even though I have always had FAIRLY open access to the Web, which I squandered…”
She lived in a peach-colored trailer next to her grandparents for the majority of her life, “until my mother got remarried. When I think of home it is what comes to mind. I’m pretty sure our couch was held together by gray duct tape, but it was lusciously comfortable. It was warm and bright and alive and I was never ashamed of it, not ever.”
The last book she recommended was Vladimir by Julia May Jonas! “I’m not someone who discounts a book just because it is narrated by an old white lady, and I’m glad I didn’t. I finished it over the course of two days and was left wanting more! I told one of my best friends, Sean, that she needed to read it because it was gross but not Gross and also thrillingly subversive and embodied. Julia I will interpret a dream for you ANY DAY.”

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