Andy Sturdevant

Andy Sturdevant is a writer, noncompetitive pedestrianist, and former bon vivant (decertification pending) based in Minneapolis, MN. Lately, he’s been writing a pamphlet on how to start your own tax-exempt house worship, and growing corn and beans in his backyard.

Andy’s first memory of the internet is A/S/L’ing away with the other teens on the CompuServe Student Forum, or STUFO, as it was known. He remembers having long, meandering chats with a college freshman named Dryden who lived on one of the islands off the coast of Georgia. He wonders what Dryden’s up to these days?

He had a nightmare version of “fuck, marry, kill” the other night in a group text: “We were watching the justifiably forgotten 1978 movie “FM,” which despite Linda Ronstadt, has one of the worst soundtracks of all time. Three luminaries from the soundtrack came up for a round of FMK: The Eagles, Jimmy Buffett, Foreigner. Collectively, we decided to kill the Eagles (no question), and controversially, marry Jimmy Buffett. We figured he’d just be stoned and hanging out on his boat with his dirtbag friends most of the time, so you wouldn’t have to deal with him much, and I am sure he has a nice big house. Foreigner actually doesn’t deserve to be in that category, they’re alright, and if “I Want to Know What Love Is” is any indication, the “F” in the equation would maybe be kind of sweet (or I don’t know, maybe it would be more like “Hot Blooded,” but they’re really your best option).”

Andy recommends Masters of Atlantis by Charles Portis a lot. He loves a book where nothing really happens, and a lot of nothing happens in this one — it’s hard to think of a book where all of the nothing is so affectionately and carefully documented.

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