Alysia Alex

Alysia Alex is an introverted extrovert, arts advocate, and creative based in Los Angeles, CA. She has the pleasure of overseeing a yearly mentorship program at ArtCenter College of Design, and is currently smack dab in the middle of the “matching making process.”

Alysia’s childhood home was built in the 1950s in LA’s San Fernando Valley. It has beautiful original wood floors that creek constantly (sneaking out was impossible), and always has music playing throughout. They affectionally call it the little house on the prairie because while the house itself is small and cozy it sits in front of a giant back yard and a large pool that has hosted many a family party.
Underrated candy: Coffee Crisp — think KitKat meets cold brew. “I’m pretty sure this was only available in Canada until recently but I’ve started to see it popping up here too. We would stockpile it when visiting family in Montreal as kids and stick it in the freezer to save as long as we could.”
Favorite board game: Azul! It’s a colorful tile drafting strategy board game. Perfectly niche and perfectly fun and beautiful to play.

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